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5 Questions People Ask When Moving to Chelsea Michigan

What’s up everyone? This is Jonathan Mykala with Mykala Mortgage Planning with another episode of Born & Raised Small Town Michigan. Are you thinking about moving to Chelsea Michigan? If so, this episode is a must-watch because we answer the top 5 questions we get asked when people consider moving to the Chelsea area.

1. Is it really that expensive?

The average home price in Michigan is $173,000. When we begin to compare that to our neighboring states, it looks like this: Wisconsin is $202,000 and Ohio is $150,000 and Indiana is $155,000. The national average home price in the united states is $248,000 so that means Michigan is a little below that. However, Chelsea has an average price of 300,000. But remember, the number one thing that impacts real estate value is location, location, location!

2. How are the schools in Chelsea?

Part of the location that impacts the real estate value is determined by school districts! Chelsea has some of the top athletic programs in the state. Not only do these schools consistently make it to regionals, they have also won multiple state championships. Aside from athletics, our schools have a wide variety of extracurricular activities and clubs. If you have kids or are thinking of starting a family, Chelsea schools are some of the best.

3. How is the traffic?

Chelsea is a small little city so compared to somewhere like LA or New York, the traffic will seem extremely light but if you’re from a small town in South Dakota, it may seem a little busier here. If you are planning on commuting to work, Ann Arbor is about 20 minutes away, Jackson is 30 minutes away and Detroit is about an hour.

4. What is the weather like? Is it really that cold?

One thing I will warn you about and a little joke we like to throw around in Michigan is that you can experience all four seasons in just 1 day. It is possible to wake up to snow on the ground and by the afternoon, it can be 65 and sunny.

5. What are the taxes like?

This is a very important question to ask if you’re considering buying a home here in Chelsea. In our area there are 4 different areas where taxes vary. If you’re moving directly into the Chelsea area, the property taxes will be about 47 mills, Sylvan will be around 40 mills, Lyndon will be at 38 mills and Lima with 35 mills. So depending on the area you move into your property tax rate will be different. Property taxes will also depend on whether or not you the home will be your primary residence or a second home.

If you’d like for us to run in-depth projected numbers of what your taxes will look like over time, please feel free to reach out to us and we would be happy to walk you through that.

Thanks for watching another episode of Born & Raised Small Town Michigan!