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Let Us Help You With Your First Home!

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Hi, I'm Kaitlyn Weaver

If you landed on our page, you’re probably a first-time home buyer, or dancing with the idea of becoming one, looking for the ins and outs of what it takes to get there!


So come in, stop the frantic searching, and fill your Google Drive with the FREE resources, tools, and action steps necessary to help make buying your first home AFFORDABLE, avoid MISSING OUT on your dream home, and feeling SECURE before, during, and after your purchase!

Let us get started

Mortgage Lender in Grand Rapids, MI


Your ultimate resource, tools, and special offers in a box.


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Our highly acclaimed book, The Homebuyer Journey, authored by our own Jon Mykala and co-authored by nationally recognized real estate agent, coach and author, Krista Mashore.

The COMPLETE GUIDE TO BUYING YOUR FIRST HOME shows you the entire home loan process in SIMPLE and EASY to follow terms and gives you the answers to the most commonly asked questions asked by nearly EVERY first-time home buyer.

The KEYS TO AFFORDABILITY – Our KEYS TO AFFORDABILITY will provide a delicate and compassionate, yet detailed and confidential review of your finances to help make sure that you are comfortable, confident and secure with buying your first home.


Our HOME OFFER STRESS BUSTER will give you a clear-cut advantage over other buyers, as we provide tools that will help you “cut to the front of the line” and present your offer as a PREFERRED BUYER!

Finally, our SECURE STEPS to Owning Your Dream Home was created to take as much of the uncertainty out of buying your first home as possible. SECURE STEPS will provide guidance to help put your mind at ease while making one of the largest purchases of your life.

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Why Mykala Mortgage?

Don't take our word for it,
hear what our clients have to say!

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Want To Do Your Own Research?

We know what its like to scour the internet for free content, wondering with each click if what you are seeing is accurate or even remotely true!!


Because of this we wanted to put together REAL information that you can rely on and trust.   So take your time, explore and use our tools to gather helpful insight to your home buying journey!!

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Use this to calculate the max loan and purchase price you may qualify for.

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Calculate your monthly mortgage payment.

Learn more about interest rates, what they were in the past, what they are today, and what future interest rates may look like. 

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IMAGINE………Being able to buy your first home WITHOUT the financial or emotional stress!   

Let our experience go to work for you. We have already identified many of the most common roadblocks, headaches, pitfalls and stress points related to buying your first home for you, so let us do the heavy lifting and use our proven systems, information and know-how to guide you smoothly through your home buying journey. 

75 Issues that can arise during a real estate transaction….
We hate surprises and we know that you do too!! That’s why we have already identified many of the most common problems with buying a home, so that before you even begin, you know that we are ready to deal with issues if they happen to come up.  

Still feeling like you don’t know if you are ready?
You are not alone!!!! Check out the 12 PAIN POINTS that other clients have felt before starting their journey with us. And because we have seen these before, we can help identify your concerns so that you are 100% comfortable, confident and secure with buying your 1st home.   

What are my next steps?

Step 1:

Please take what you need and spend as much time as you like on our site to help you with your research. 

If you feel you would benefit from even more information or cannot find what you are looking for, please schedule a consultation with Kaitlyn directly and she can answer your questions or point you in the right direction!

Step 2:

Now that you’ve gathered all the information and feel ready to start your home buying journey , its time to get pre-qualified so you can start the house hunting!

Step 3:

Contact your real estate agent, and let the house hunting begin! 

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