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Are you thinking about moving to Michigan but don't know where??? Are you already living in Michigan and want a small-town feel??


Look no further, because, on this show, Born and Raised, we will tell you all you need to know about living in small-town Michigan. Is living in Michigan right for you??


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Chelsea, MI

Nestled in between Jackson and Ann Arbor is the small city of Chelsea.

If you're searching for a small town charm with big city vibes, look no further. 

Only 10 minutes north of Chelsea is one of the most extreme bike trail in southern Michigan. 

When moving to a new place, you probably have a lot of questions. Instead of searching different sources to answer your questions. Mykala Mortgage Planning took the top 5 questions we get asked and answered them all!

Should you rent or buy in Chelsea? This video answers compares renting versus buying a home in Chelsea.

 When searching for a new home there are many factors to consider. How many bedrooms? School District? Etc. What about the internet service? 2020 changed a lot of things, and one major adjustment has been the need to work from home. Nothing is more vital to be efficient working from home than excellent internet service.

How well do you know your hometown of Chelsea, MI?


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Mortgage Tips

2020 we saw historic low interest rates!

"Interest Rates Below 3%!!!" 

Sometimes it may be too good to be true. To avoid this we covered what to look out for when shopping rates with other lenders.