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WAIT!!! Don't Rush To List Your House Just Quite Yet

We Know That No One Really Wants A Mortgage...

What most of our clients want is a DREAM HOME so that they can live their DREAM LIFE, and we do everything possible to help achieve that!!!  If this includes you…….this is what we offer!!!


While most other lenders only provide you with a Pre-Approval, our team provides you with our exclusive BUY-BEFORE-YOU-SELL BLUEPRINT.


This in-depth blueprint makes sure that all aspects of your financial plans and goals are addressed PRIOR to listing your home to SAVE YOU MONEY AND provides access to our unique programs like HomeSpan and Payment Hopper to make buying your next home while selling your current home a super easy transition and move. 

The Buy Before You Sell Blueprint

  • Comprehensive Pre-Loan Review for your new home and future goals

  • Coordinated review with your Financial Planner (if available or appropriate)

  • Detailed Buy-Sell Coordination Plan with your agent

  • Specific programs for Sellers looking to Buy before their current home is sold

    • HomeSpan*

    • Payment Hopper*

  • Stay With Us – Your loan does not get ‘sold’, you continue to make payments to us and we have an easy to use Dart Bank Mortgage Dashboard for tracking the equity in your home.  

  • Home Equity Loans* available for future improvements

  • Homebuying Bundle In A Box

    • The Homebuyer Journey - book by Jon Mykala, Top 1% of Mortgage Advisors nationwide and Krista Mashore, Nationally recognized Realtor, Coach and Author

    • 100% Closing Ratio – rest easy about our ability to get you into your new home

    • 4 Point Preferred Payment Option – to help keep payments low

    • Pre-Offer Presentation – It’s like cutting to the front of the line!! Our unique approach launches your offer ahead of other offers to listing agents and sellers

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So before you go and List Your Home, your next step should start here

Maximizing The Sale Of Your Current Home & Buying

Your Dream Home So That You Can Live Your Dream Life

Begins Right Here!!!

Begins Right Here!!!

Because of the high demand for this unique, detailed and personalized approach to home lending our BUY-SELL BLUEPRINT SESSIONS are limited each week. 


Please use the calendar below to schedule your session or

call our office at 734-433-5380.

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