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Are you ready to ditch the winter jacket for a swimsuit? Are you thinking about buying a house in Florida, but don't know where to begin??? 


Look no further, welcome to FLORIDA LIVABLE!!!


Florida Livable isn't just your average real estate page, it is a LIFESTYLE!

Florida Livable Logo.jpg


What makes Florida Livable unlike anything out there?


Instead of having to Google search for information, you will have it all right here! Making buying a home in Florida stress free!

The home buying process starts with getting pre-approved, use your trusted local Michigan lender Mykala Mortgage Planning for your home loan in Florida. 

Mykala Mortgage has done the research and found Real Estate Agents, Insurance Companies, and other local experts in Florida. This takes all the guessing out those steps. 

Local insider tips and secrets. In Michigan we know what it means to know the local market, and not just that, but the best places to eat, activities, etc. Therefore, that is where our trusted Florida Realtors come in to play. While we take care of your loan they can be your local guides to not just your house search but your LIFESTYLE search. 

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