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Family-Friendly Place to Visit for Valentine's Day in Chelsea, Michigan

Living in Michigan, it’s no surprise that we are going to get lots and lots of snow. With long winters it is also inevitable that cabin fever will affect just as many people as the flu. On my first ever episode of Born and Raised, I’m going to tell you about an event coming to Chelsea, Michigan that will get you and your family out of the house and cure your cabin fever!

They say chocolate can heal all wounds, and that’s why February 8th, Chocolate Extravaganza is coming to town! Think of it as your flu shot for cabin fever. The Chocolate Extravaganza is a perfect way to get outside and switch it up. It’s also just in time to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Here you can enjoy scrumptious treats, and support local businesses. The family-friendly event offers chocolate and Valentine-themed treats and activities in more than 30 local shops, restaurants, galleries and cafes. The stores each have their own distinct atmosphere and carry a sweeping variety of goods, which makes shopping a fun experience.

After living in Chelsea for 24 years, I hate to admit I’ve never made it to the Extravaganza, but after spending some much needed time exploring the area and getting to know the local business owners, I will not be missing out on it this year! I spoke with Julie, the business owner of Farm Sudz about what the festival has been like. Farm Sudz is a boutique that carries fine goods such as face care and even alternative medicine like CBD. Everything is made in house with all natural and high quality ingredients. If you’ve been in Chelsea for a while, you’ve definitely heard of them! Walking into the shop I got an amazing whiff of lavender, which was from the lotion they had just made that morning. She said that it gets bigger and bigger every year and that most shops will have plenty of chocolates, activities for kids, and other food as well. Over at Farm Sudz, they will have plenty of food to go around! 

There will also be dome homes available to reserve for 50 minutes at a time. It’s very important you reserve beforehand because these spots are going fast! The igloo shape dome is fit for 4-6 people and is the perfect escape from the cold. Your reservation includes a famous Thompson’s pizza and they are even throwing in a dessert pizza! Inside you can gather with friends and family, talk and play cards or some old fashioned board games. There is no rental fee, but they are asking for a donation to be made. 100% of which will be donated. 50% will be going to the Chelsea Chamber of Commerce and the other half will be going to Faith in Action to assist people in need to heat their homes this winter season. 

Chocolate Extravaganza will for sure be an excellent time. Plenty of chocolate, shopping, and food! What’s not to love? So get ready, February 8th! For more information on the event head on over to Thanks for tuning into my first blog and video, be sure to subscribe to see where we go next!

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