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Sherlock Holmes
The Case Of The Missing Hope Stone

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson need your help! Thus far, this is the only telegraph that we have received regarding the missing Hope Stone.

Your application to The Bulldogs of Baker Street has been accepted! As a new member you have limited access to the evidence room. You should expect your clearance to be approved by

August 19th at 10am. 

Time is against us and we need to solve this case by 5pm August 20th.

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1. Get the EventZee App from the App Store (FREE App)










2. Generate a User Name, enter your e-mail and create a password

3. Enter event code:  HopeStone  (H & S both need to be capitalized)

4. The App will provide you an Intro Page and a list of “Challenges”. 

5. Select the “Challenges” to begin and access your clues.

As you complete each clue, the “challenge” will be moved from CURRENT column to the COMPLETED column.

6. You will note that in some of the clues/challenges, you will be directed to additional clues on the website.  If the link in the App does not work, simply copy the link and enter it in an open browser or have a member of your team use a second phone to be able to cross reference the ‘clues’ with information on the app itself.

7. To solve some of the clues/challenges, you will need to reference information in some of the early/prior clues provided, so be prepared to look back at prior clues on the app and website periodically.

8. On “Text” Challenges, you will need to make sure that you do not have a space BEFORE or AFTER your answer, otherwise you will get an “incorrect answer”  


If you're not able to download the app.
You can create an account and access the event via your internet
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