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The Payment Hopper is a fantastic program for clients who have a home to sell, don’t want to apply for a bridge loan, but still want to apply the proceeds they receive from the eventual sale of their    current home to their new mortgage and reduce the payment…  WITHOUT REFINANCING!

This unique service is almost impossible to find with other lenders and we make the process quick and simple.

1. Apply desired payment amount to new mortgage from the sales   proceeds of existing home to reduce new loan balance

2. Pay a service fee of $250.00

3. If PMI is currently on loan, Dart Bank will apply for removal

4. Sign modification documents

5. Loan is re-amortized based on current balance and payment is   reduced


Just one more piece of exceptional service presented by Michigan’s #1 Community Bank.  Please call if you have questions.


*Loan program subject to change without notice.  Borrower qualifications must be met in order to be approved for loan program.

Exceptions may apply

Jon Mykala  Sr. Mortgage Banker  NMLS #  728191    734-433-0922

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