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Coronavirus Mortgage Market Updates

As you are aware, we are facing unprecedented times. Between the COVID-19 pandemic and the extreme volatility in the financial markets as a result, we are making every effort to serve our clients and our community as efficiently as possible.  


We ask for your patience and understanding as we diligently work to return phone calls and emails.

If you are a current client in the loan process looking for a loan status, please call my Loan Partner, Spencer Mykala at (734) 433-5381 or email.

Based on the purpose of inquiry , please take a moment to watch one of the following videos. 

If you are interested in a Pre-Approval or have an existing Purchase/Building Contract in place, or are one of our valued Business Partners (Real Estate Agent, Builder, Financial Planner, CPA), please watch this video

If you are e-mailing with questions or an inquiry over refinancing, please watch the video below

If you are interested in applying for a loan (refinance-purchase-construction), I encourage you to complete an application online at my website.  This will allow us to expedite your loan process and reply as quickly as possible. 

In regards to interest rates, I have prepared a short video to help explain mortgage markets. (Note: the Fed Funds Rate dropping to 0 - .25% does not equate to mortgage rates at the same level.)

COVID-19 Mortgage Assistance


If you’re facing challenges in making mortgage payments, there may be options available to assist you.

Top 4 Things You Need to Know About the Real Estate Market and Coronavirus Impact

ALL LOANS SUBJECT TO CREDIT APPROVAL. Terms and conditions may change.

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