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The Housing Market Is Charging!

How To Avoid The Horns Of A Runaway Real Estate Stampede


Here is what experts are saying about the future of the housing market

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According to Jon Mykala, 30 year veteran of the mortgage lending community, the housing market is about to provide another unexpected shock, and it could have a considerable impact on your real estate decisions.


“A massive and everlasting shift is taking place,” says Mykala, who predicted the 2008 housing crash and the inflationary effects of the post pandemic real estate stampede.

Mykala, a nationally recognized mortgage lender and extremely active participant in local real estate markets, says that you absolutely must be aware of the 3 Most Critical Factors facing the housing market right now if you are considering any type of real estate related decision, whether its buying selling or building.

Even the most prepared potential or current home-owner could be blindsided by this historic shift. 

To prevent from “feeling the horns” of this “charging market”, Jon is offering FREE, NO OBLIGATION 15 minute one-on-one sessions that will give invaluable insight and possibly save you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS before you make your next real estate decision. 

Your FREE 15 minute session will reveal answers to the following questions (and more!):

  • Will I ever be able to afford a home?

  • Will I lose all the equity in the home I own?

  • Will I ever find a home or be able to build new? 


Call or Contact us now!!   The NO-OBLIGATION Sessions are limited and the market is changing daily. 

Do not miss your opportunity to take advantage of this INCREDIBLE FREE OFFER!!

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